Matrix Safety and Compliance Ltd


How we help...

We have 4 options for clients, and they can move between options as needed.

Just the plan

When you just need a Health and Safety Management Plan and risk register.  This plan is tailored to your business and includes all forms and processes that you need.

Start with a Yarn - Subscription

When businesses need to engage their team and set themselves up for success, we can start by running your health and safety meetings.  Additional services can be added as needed. 

Bundle of stuff - Subscription

If we already know we're going to be working closely with you on a project to uplift or support your health and safety needs, we will recommend a subscription option, this evens out your costs and guarantees our availability.

Ad hoc

If you simply need a specific document, an annual review, audit or inspection.  We will price the task based on an hourly rate. See below for some of the ad hoc activities we provide.

Our Services

Below are some of the things we can do for you

Audit and Assessment

As a certified and experienced auditor, I can provide reviews and formal audits of your safety and quality systems, providing recommendations on gaps in your systems looking forward from simply achieving Worksafe compliance to ISO45001 standard structures and best practice. We can also support completion of business safety procedures and documentation and feedback on your team's compliance with your expectations

Bespoke Training and workshops

We can provide both general and tailored training and workshops on safety and compliance to your team, this includes: Legal Requirements, Risk Identification and Management, Modern Safety Systems, Human Operational Performance, Learning Teams, writing SOPs, incident and accident investigations.


We work with you to generate documentation and procedures to create safe activities in your business. This includes: risk assessments, Job Safety Analyses and Site Specific Safety plans, Traffic Management, emergency plans and practices or any procedures that your business needs. We also support health and safety meetings, exercises, internal training and toolbox talks to help generate awareness and feedback on safety in your business.

Emergency planning, business continuity

It's true, when business fail to plan, they plan to fail. There are several elements to emergency management, including identifying what to do in an emergency, preparing and then practicing for it, and considering what happens next - business continuity and resilience planning. As an experienced emergency planner and member of the civil defence team, we can help you prepare for the worst to minimise harm to your people and your business.

Hazard/risk assessment and HAZOP

If you've revised your business, its outputs or resources, or you're planning to develop new processes, hazard and risk assessment should be a core activity. I am trained and experienced at HAZOP (Hazard and Operational Assessment) a technique designed to look at all aspects of your process to identify and mitigate risks

Incident and accident investigation

We have extensive experience conducting investigations into incident and non-conformances (basically, where something didn't come out as intended). Modern incident investigations are intended to create learning for the future, not apportion blame, done right they can make your business stronger and more resilient for the future.